It felt like months…

But I was in Bangalore for only a week. Sunday I arrived home, and for most of the week I was too tired to do much. The absence of street noise in Deventer is squicking me out a bit, it’s so quiet! And there are so few people on the streets here in Deventer… All the women have boring, drab clothes and it’s cold — about 24 degrees centigrade colder than on Saturday. But I’m happy to be with my wife and kids again.

The experience of being in Bangalore was fantastic — working with the students was a great experience. They’re now all busy with their final exams before coming back to coding. Three of them were productive enough during the training week that I asked them to get svn access, and I am sure the rest will follow soon. Mani was a great host as well.

I very much miss the the wonderful food — I want idli and sambar for breakfast! Unfortunately they are quite hard to make! Lassi and I went for dinner with Vidhya and her husband after shopping for churidhar for my wife and kids — wonderful conversation and great food –, then I had dinner at with Girish at Roop’s place (Girish and Roop have worked on KOffice before) where Roop’s mom showed what real home-cooked Indian food looks and tastes like, then Amit and his wife took me to a cool place for dinner on Friday. Penne with chillies and some kind of masala… It was really all very wonderful. I had a ride in a three-wheel taxicab — a good opportunity for impromptu prayer, but I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it.

Apart from churidhars for Irina and the kids, I bought three shirts for myself, a saree and two skirts for Irina, a book and a small bronze statue. I think I did my best for the local economy! The scale of Bangalore is amazing, though. Officially, Bangalore has about half as many inhabitants as all of the Netherlands, but I guess it’s a little bit more these days. We’ll see what the official census will tell us.

With my plane leaving Sunday morning (1:45 AM…), I had all Saturday to explore, and Roop had promised to take me to an ancient temple at Somnathpur. I’ve always wanted to see South Indian sculpture — and this was my chance. It was incredibly well preserved, at least the inner sanctum. There were restauration works going with the courtyard around it.

The ride over the country road to Somnathpur was very good as well. Beautiful scenery, tender coconut, interesting shrines, boys showing off the little statuette of Shiva-as-a-bull they were making.

(Yes, I did all the touristy things on Saturday… Why do you ask?)

Thanks again to Mani, Vidhya and her husband, Amit and his wife, Girish, Roop and his mom and dad, Lassi, Suresh and all the students.

(Pictures died of bit rot. Pity!)