The Akademy 2012 keynote by Matthias Klang was really great. Here are some quotes:

We’re living an audience livestyle. And the tools that I use to reach my audience control me.

We are data cows: we get milked to produce the data. We’re not valuable as the cow, we’re valuable by what we produce

Should we be teaching facebook to kids

If you take away walls, what comes is not freedom. What comes is pornography

We teach use, not code

“Digital natives” — everyone under 15 “knows stuff” and everyone over “35” doesn’t. What’s up with that notion?

We have to hack society for openness. We have to make sure our infrastructure stays open. Stallmann was right

Why are we being manipulated in this way by our gadgets

Your karma is leaking: what does your code do?

Really, the best keynote in ages!

Read the slides here on slideshare