Libre Graphics Meeting 2011 — day 2

A day of confusion and chaos — in parts. Some speakers were apparently a bit confused as to the time, or possibly the timezone. In that, my body whole-heartedly agrees. It’s 21:20 here and it tells me I’m pulling an all-nighter. But much good happened as well!

(And not just that I’ve started a serious attempt at optional colord integration in Krita…)

The talks today were less focused on applications, but instead presented new and refreshing ideas on creating documentation, making fonts available and the ardours of creating a beautiful magazine dedicated to Libre Graphics Software.

Tom Lechner‘s talks on laidout are always amazing, eye-opening moments of art, and today’s was no exception. He showed a t-shirt printed with a panoramic image…

Fun moment of the day was S├ębastien Roy demonstrating lighttwist — a project that uses compiz to combine images from different projectors in one screen. Huge and impressive — and S├ębastien mentioned that they use Krita to prepare the 16 bit/channel PNG images they use for a color LUT. The maths is beyond me, of course, but he asked for a small feature: not to lose the text annotations to the PNG image during the load/save cycle. Lukas could reassure him: that bug has been fixed already! And apparently using the smudge or warp brush on the LUT images produces wonderful psychedelic results in the final image. Maybe they should consider making the LUT programmatically, or even interactively paintable with Krita!

For the rest drinks, dinner — and fun. Oh, and check out Rougelivre for a snapshot of Lukas and of Animtim, and a great picture of the cartoon Animtim did for his workshop! Also, Nathan Willis has published a very good writeup of the Krita presentations for LWN. I’ll blog a link when it gets freely available! (Or get an LWN subscription to read it now!)