Libre Graphics Meeting 2011 — Day 4

Day four was the last day of the LGM. Sad… But it was filled with action packed talks and some good hacking. Of course, today is already Day 5 so I’m a bit late reporting. It’s not because I went to the after-party — instead I went to the hotel room to hack and write this blog. But instead of blogging, I spent all evening helping people to get Krita up and running on #krita. Though I did have a nice beer with it.

The first talk was by Nicolas Robidoux. He gave us examples of greatly improved ways of scaling and transforming pixels. We really need to get these improvements in Krita as soon as possible, and Nicolas has promised to stay in contact with me. Jon Nordby showed off the history of MyPaint. Even though I’m a Krita developer, I’m also a regular user of MyPaint, and it’s great to see its evolution. Many of the other talks were just as cool and though-provovking, but I’m at the airport, and I don’t have time to philosophize on the need for open and free hardware to break the stranglehold of appstores. Rejon mentioned in passing that he expected Google to stop using the Linux kernel, and having used an iPad for a day, one thing is clear: this is a super-hostile environment for anyone who wants to have any freedom (except the freedom to be bled dry).

At lunch Animtim and me gave a Krita demo to the Libre Graphics Magazine editors, eliciting many a wow!

Today we refreshed our mind at the Museum des Beaux Arts. I also saw an amazing bit of sculpture in an art gallery and even dared go in to see it up close. And then finally the LGM wended to its end. Until next year!