On my way

To Bangalore, where over a dozen students from IIIT are eager to start working on KOffice and the KOffice’s Maemo offspring, FreOffice (and its successors) as Nokia interns. These students are really eager, they are already offering patches up for review on reviewboard.kde.org and there is a large number of cool and interesting ideas for projects for them to work on.

They are being taught Qt, and I am going to try to help them get running with the KOffice code. Since they seem to be really smart and committed, I hope I know enough to satisfy them! I’ve spent some days digging for interesting topics that go beyond “this is what you need to do to compile KOffice”, since obviously they already have leaped that hurdle.

My plane will leave tomorrow morning really early, so I’m staying the night at a hotel at Schiphol. Arrival around midnight, then five days of training, workshops, code camp and project discussions. Girish and Roop have offered to take me around a bit on Saturday, so I’ll finally be able to see all that architecture and sculpture I have only been able to admire from pictures. I’ll be bringing my n900 to take pictures myself…