What I did during my holidays

Getting weirded out because some people claimed to have “cracked” the Hyves Desktop application Arend, Girish, Roop and had managed to release just before the holidays began. And not only that, they put the cracked version of Bittorrent and Usenet. As if there was anything to crack… And we’re still trying to convince the Powers that Be that making the whole thing GPL would be a Good Thing, since it would be a nice demonstration of Hyves’ public website API, as well as a morally good thing. Plus, we wouldn’t have to provice binaries for all varieties of Linux, which is quite hard, really.

Becoming quite seriously worried about the outlook for 2009. Well, that goes without saying… But we’re directly influenced by the current problems, since we bought a new house in 2007 and still haven’t managed to sell the old one in 2009.

Watching more than the usual number of movies — we got a great little combined second-hand bookshop/new dvd shop next door — from Peter Sellers to Hogfather, from Bright Young Things to Tous les matins du monde (we discovered that we actually rather like watching movies that are French spoken).

Upgrading to OpenSUSE 11.1, and discovering that the new bootloader configuration screen is really6 incomprehensible and that the installer gave the same grub problems on Irina’s computer as on mine. And I’m wondering why X11 sometimes thinks it’s necessary to grab 100% of one core…

Roleplaying… Lots of it. And I still need to do the write-up for the last really long session.

Which I never get to, because mainly I’ve been hacking on krita. Two weeks of nearly daily commits. And improvements in performance when painting, fixes to saving and loading. Which fixes have brought their own regressions, despite Krita having a very extensive set of unit tests.

There’s been real progress in Krita over the past month or so, but it’s so long since we started on the 2.0 road that I sometimes feel nothing has happened. Until I need to take a look at the old codebase and discover that almost everything has changed. What I should do, I guess, is make a nice long document listing all improvements (and also all regressions, although there aren’t that many), in time for our 2.0 release.

And finally, I’ve been toying with making a simple sketching app on top of the Krita libraries — it’s a nice little project, but given that most of my time is spent on Krita, not going very fast. And it gives me a good insight where Krita’s dependency on KOffice, KDE and Qt is indispensable, and where it actually is. Dispensable, I mean. (For the hosting, Gitorious and tuxfamily.org seem very ok, although there’s still a lot of roll-your-own with tuxfamily).