Without a drop of coffee!

I can’t believe I just did the second presentation I ever did without having drunk a cup of coffee… You can have either coffee or juice at breakfast, and when I arrived at the conference center, the coffee machine was not working. Besides I needed to get the room unlocked — which I did very nicely by getting a native speaker to speak to the security guard who assured me it was being opened that very moment.

I’m quite sure that I have actually been videotaped, and perhaps even streamed The streaming address is http://stream.fluendo.com/akademy — but I’m not sure where the streams are archived, so if you go there you will, depending on the time, see another hacker expostulating about his pet project.

The talk went somewhat well, I guess. I may have made an ass of myself, but people came out with useful questions. Note to self: don’t forget to add the cheatsheet workflow helper module to Krita. That was a very fun idea.

And then, when I picked up my laptop the dvd-drive slipped out of the case and crashed on the ground. It still apears to work somewhat, but it won’t eject properly anymore.

Right… Coffee, blog reading and relaxing until the coffee break, and then another round of talks.

(I also missed the party last night because I didn’t want to run the slightest risk of being hungover. There were actually quite a lot of people who didn’t go either, and I had a nice chat with the ktts maintainer, Gary Cramblitt, and went to bed quite early. And there were a lot of people at my talk; I was afraid it would be a no-show event because of the Novell-sponsored festivities.)