About Valdyis galsin

This is the writeup blog for our roleplaying games in Valdyas. We’ve been playing for almost twenty-five years, since the early 2000s with the current ‘crew’, alternating GMs, each with their own story arcs and parts of the setting.

Earlier games are here. That page is still in renovation but all the pre-2007 links work.

Irina came up with the world in the first place. Not originally as a game world, but first as pure worldbuilding-for-fun, then as setting for stories and novels. The games were more or less an accident of the world, a tool for discovery.

Boudewijn has the best stories and intrigues.

Eduard took us to the country of the Khas for the first time and made the world a whole lot larger and more interesting.

We occasionally have guest players, but it would probably be hard to accommodate a new regular player who didn’t, as it were, grow up in this world.

Comments are off because the blog attracted a lot of spam. If you have anything to say, please send me mail (irina@valdyas.org) or find me on mastodon (https://wandering.shop/@irina).

Here’s where I ramble a bit about the history of the blog.