Irina’s ramble about Valdyis galsin

We’ve been playing in the same world with mostly the same people for almost twenty-five years. In the early years people came and went, then we ended up with just the three of us (Boudewijn and I, the old married couple; and our friend Eduard who I sent an email when I encountered him on Usenet, asking to please come play with us because we needed him).

In 2007 we started a new campaign and I put all the writeups on my personal blog, Found Objects (then in an earlier incarnation). Which was never a roleplaying blog to start with, but but about life, the universe and everything, and the game writeups started to dominate.

So I started the first version of Valdyis galsin, Letters from Valdyas. It ran on blosxom until we migrated the server to hosting (twenty years running a home server, the last 7 on a tiny netbook that was really too small and couldn’t take modern security upgrades, was enough) and I converted everything to the current WordPress blog.

More than one category! Tags as well as categories! It seems to exist for blosxom, but I never got that running. Hallucinogen-distorted Python Perl was never my forte.

Then I stupidly deleted our whole home directory on the new server. Including the blogs. By then I’d got proper import files for the other blog, but only the old blosxom version for this one. Now converting everything by hand again. It’s about a week’s work with good workflow, and I developed the good workflow while doing it for the first time.