Essle Again

After we had the high-and-mighty meeting with Prince Uznur, Maile-from-Essle, Commander of the Sworn Rusla, Moyri, the Baroness of Selday and little me, the Sheriff of Selday, Moryi and I were shown our bedroom. Of course not Moyri’s old room (and I so would have liked to see it), that’s the Commander’s bedroom! But we had a nice guest room in a corner at the end of the corridor, where we could make as much noise as we wanted.

But first we went out to visit the Temple and do our prayers, and after that, to the refectory, to eat.

In our room, we first had a long, long discussion about, well, everything we wanted to do, become, be to each other, from now until the day Naigha adopts us. And after that, we made love until we fell asleep. Half-way through, I started talking shop, I don’t know why… So I invited Moyri to make a seal over my mouth, but she kissed me instead. That also worked to shut me up!

The next morning, I let her sleep in, and went out with Moryn. During dinner, the evening before, he had told us he wanted to give his old mates something. Not necessarily meet them, that would have been difficult, but send them a letter and a present. So we went out to the market — we had to go anyway because we needed to buy cloth, stores for my shop and lots of other things, ranging from Iss-Peranian razors to glass jars, from tools to belts, and since Moyri was asleep (I had done my best to completely exhaust her, so she wouldn’t fret about the coming sea voyage), and Maile was having fun training with the Sworn, it was just the two of us who went out.

Moryn was a bit on edge. Walking around in the city he used to only skulk about, the familiar scents, the familiar dialects, the clammy, warm air, all that felt familiar to him, and it made him go back to his old habit of wariness.

Then we went and had some sweet pies and lemonade, and discussed what would be best for his mates. And he sighed, and said, “Oranges! We sometimes had one, but they’re good, and healthy, and there never was enough for all of us!”

So oranges it was! We bought eighty (for about eight people) and then found a girl, Leva, with a pushcart (either stolen, or discarded and repaired by her? we didn’t ask questions) who would deliver the oranges and the letter Moryn had painstakingly written the evening before, telling his mates about how they could get out of poverties and thieving and prostituting, if only they’d grab their courage and leave Essle. But that’s something many, many people have tried to convince the poor of Essle of before, and it never works.

Still, eighty oranges should make a lot of difference to their health!

In the afternoon, we woke Moyri, dressed in our sea-going clothes, and had our purchases forwarded to the big Iss-Peranian ship which was going to take us to Selday. Since it was so big, I was hoping it would be stable enough that Moyri’s sea-sickness wouldn’t be too bad.

It really was a nice, big ship, and the first mate welcomed Maile and Moryn’s offer of help, and he did have a nice, quiet corner at the end of the poop deck where Moyri and I could settle. But as soon as we left the effluvium (is that the right word? I mean the part of the sea where you could still see, smell and kind of feel the filth flowing out of Essle) of Essle, she started getting sick.

Well, it was a bit better than on our voyage out of Selday, because now Moyri could look forward to never having to sail again!

And just before we arrived in Selday, I reached out to Aldan (big) with my mind, and told him to prepare for our arrival. To bring clean clothes for me, Moyri and Maile — and also for a teenage boy — to the baths. To prepare food — he wanted to leave that to Khapo, but no way I was going to sit in an inn with Moyri for dinner. Food in our place, simple, but nourishing, and NO fish, that was my message. To make sure my and Moyri’s bed was made, and that Maile’s room was clean and her bed made. For two.

That made him sit up a bit — he was also surprised to see us back already!

But he was as dependable as always, and when we had brought a swaying, staggering Moyri to the baths, he was waiting for us, together with Aldan (small), and we went in, and had the most glorious bathing ever! And when we were clean, and didn’t feel like the world was swaying around us, like the streets and the houses and the walls were drunk, any more, I took a razor and shaved Moyri, it was her first time, and Aldan (small), Maile and Moryn were a bit blushy, but Aldan (big) took it in his stride. He was very quiet, though, quieter than I remembered him!

And then we put on our clean clothes, that had been stored in Selday all this time. Maile didn’t fit hers any more! So I lent her my shirt, which meant Moyri had to put on her shirt, and me Moyri’s, but in the end, we all wore something that didn’t make our tits pop out every step, or show our buttocks every skip.

The Pink House was still Pink! And though it didn’t smell sweetly of honey and herbs any more, it was reasonably clean (not very clean, though!), and there was lovely food, and once again everyone was surprised that I was eating the meat pasties like everyone else. What should I do? Take an Ilaini name?

The conversation, well, Moyri was tired, so Maile and I did most of the talking. Nothing much had happened in Selday. Moryn and Aldan (small) were looking at each other like young dogs about to fight, but Aldan (big) and I, we had trained our apprentices well enough that no blows were exchanged, only looks.

And then my Moyri was so tired, that I put her to bed. From the headboard, she grabbed the panel with my face and cunt, and snuck it close to her, and fell asleep. She was so cute, all asleep, that I went to fetch Aldan (big) to show him how cute my wife was! And he agreed, but the poor fish is still all alone.

We got discussing their future, too, and he still wanted to leave, probably for Essle, with Aldan (small). Then I told him about the expedition to Kushesh the King was setting up, and he became a bit more thoughtful. Of course, he’s as poor as a fish on the beach, and all the money we’d gotten from Lady Rava was to set us up in Selday, not to let him get his wanderlust out of his system.

But I quickly found a solution — we could hire them as our foreign correspondents! As long as they’d send us letters full of interesting stuff from where-ever they were, we could send them on their way with a few hundred riders. We’d get news, and they would have money, and do something useful, too.

I’m full of ideas… Like, let’s have Cynla paint the entire coast of Idanyas, and have the painting line the Great Hall of the Baronial Palace (that’s the White House, not the Pink House). And let’s have four bell-pulls at the front door, labelled Baroness, Sheriff, Sweets and Friends. And let’s…

Tomorrow, we’ll spend visiting all the most important people.