Getting Plastered in a Good Cause

We have so many plans! For the shipyard to start working on better, faster fishing boats, so the fishermen can start selling their catch in Essle. For the big slave-ship to be finished and placed at the baroness’ pleasure to patrol the coast. For the shipyard workers to learn other trades, so they won’t all be out of a job and hungry, and in the meantime, to let them build the waystations for our guard patrols.

The day after we arrived, we visited all of the most important people, from every walk in life, to let them officially meet the baroness and her wife.

We first went to the Harbour Master’s office, where Moyri talked with Ram’s dad, and I hugged Ram and told him wonderful it is to be married. We were given wine to drink.

We visited the Temple of Mizran, where we met the Mighty Servant and his most important priests, and they gave us wine to drink, and we discussed how we could make Selday richer and more attractive as a port in between Essle and the City.

We visited the Temple of Naigha, and discussed with the high priestess the desirability for young priestesses going out to their villages to have the education that comes with working in the first hospital of Idanyas. Here we drank tea, which was very welcome!

We visited the Ishey women, where the messenger from Eze from Valdis already had arrived. The women were quite friendly, and we discussed kingship and the contribution Ishey could give to a Selday that would surely grow in importance, especially compared to the older Mera River Settlements. We were given very, very sweet liquor to drink, some kind of orange brandy, I think.

We visited the head of the blacksmiths, farriers and ironmakers guild, where we drank beer and discussed whether it would be a good idea to send very promising young apprentices to the new school in Veray, with a baronial stipendium.

We visited the lady of the most important brothel, where we discussed what would be needed to make visiting sailors happier and less rowdy, and how important it would be to always stand in a good countenance with the sheriff. And that I was the sheriff. She gave us cider to drink, and small pasties filled with cheese. First food of the day! (Apart from Ishey sweets, but those are so sweet that even I couldn’t swallow them.)

We visited the head of the shipyard, and had a long discussion with him about the ship currently being built being impounded by the Baroness, but that it still had to be finished for her. Moyri saw green when we discussed this, but she doesn’t have to sail in it! But we need to own a reliable way of getting to Essle and of patrolling the coast. The head was an Iss-Peranian man, and he gave us cherry wine to drink.

We visited the head of the fishermen’s village, and discussed our ideas for making them make more money out of their catch. He scratched his head a lot, and had some technical objections, but agreed that with larger, quicker ships and redesigned holds to keep the fish alive, there was a lot of merit. He gave us green wine to drink, and after that a glass of brandy smuggled in from Iss-Peran.

We met with the market master, the head of the leatherworkers’ guild, the young man currently most important among the Ishey men, captain Fian of the regiment (they were already working on making the tower into their barracks, fortress or castle, I’m not sure). We dropped by the most important innkeeper. We drank brandy, beer, fermented goat milk, good Veray white wine and a rather decent sparkling cider…

We were thoroughly, completely, utterly tipsy, wasted, crocked, befuddled, inebriated, plastered, tanked and stewed when we got home to the Pink House.

Tomorrow we’re off to meet Maile’s mother, and after that, a nice vacation in the lepers’ village.