Travel Diary of Khushi Cheraim, 3

Written in the house of Hylti and Arni, in broad daylight

Well, I’ve found a way to give Aldan the bread he wants instead of pancakes. One night, after he had gone to sleep, I’ve made a sourdough starter with flour, water and spittle, and cradled it between my breasts to keep it warm. The next morning, before he woke up, I divided it in two, and used half to mix with more flour and water, and made lumps and put them in the fire. When Aldan woke up, they had become quite edible buns, so with a little fried salted bacon and pease, it was a good breakfast.

I’ve kept the starter between my tits ever since until we arrived in Three Hills, when I could put it in Hylti’s kitchen and care for it. It’s warm and bubbly, so I don’t mind much. But I wish Aldan would make up his mind, because after a couple of days he was asking for pancakes again!

In any case, we arrived safely in Three Hills after about a week of travel, and there we had a surprise! We were right in time for the Festival of Dayati! In fact, this is when Three Hills has its annual Fair, and we had to leave our horses in the care of a cute young girl, who also told us the farrier would take care of any loose horseshoes. It did cost money, but we had money, so we paid up.

Then we went to Hylti’s house. I knew the way, from her letters, and recogized it at once. A small house, much augmented, in the worst part of town, the whores working on the other side of the street, but it was Hylti’s house! Squeee!!!

She opened the door herself. She didn’t recognize us, of course, we were first year students when she left, but when we explained, she welcomed us, and told us we could sleep in her front attic, over the hospital room. We also offered to help where we could, but she sent us out to the fair, first.

After Aldan ably adjudicated a fight between two merchants, we bought a little lamb and a pregnant sow as presents for our hosts, and delivered those home first. I tried to kill the lamb, but I had to beg Aldan to murder it for me, I just couldn’t. He chaffed me about it a bit, but he is used to killing animals to eat them, and for me, well, eating them is still a bit of a struggle.

And then we learned that on the Festival of Dayati, there would be a score of people for dinner, at least. So I resolved to get more lambs, because the sow meant as a present for after we’re gone. But first we had to help Doctor Prithi. Oh, she’s pretty! And good, too. We both learned quite a bit working for her.

Then we got three lambs more, and Aldan murdered them, too. And after that, we talked with the neighbours, the children, Hylti and Arni, Prithi and her husband, gave them all the news from Turenay. And we had dinner — soup with stuff in it — and went to bed. I was getting a bit desperate, but Aldan still didn’t even try to grab my tits underneath my shirt, not that I wanted him to, but I was worrying I was getting all ugly, too ugly for a man to notice me. I just don’t know how to please him, he’s so silent, and quiet, and composed. And everytime I feed him, he wonders why I give him what I give him.

But we slept, and woke up, and went to the Fair, and bought stuff. There was someone selling wonderful boxes, and I got a few, and we bought other necessities, and then we went to help out Doctor Prithi.

That evening, we dined off the four lambs we’d bought Hylti’s household, together with everyone who came along, and four lambs, it wasn’t too much! The whores brought two geese, too, and there was the food they had gotten themselves, Arni and Hylti, but gosh! it was good to have those lambs. Their innards I had helped put in the soup, their carcases, the men, Aldan amongst them, were roasting.

I refused to eat any meat, because of all the teasing about a Síthi girl buying animals to eat.

After dinner… Evening fell, and we could go out to dance and have fun! So Aldan and I went out to the market square, and there we stood talking about the cute girl we’d seen earlier today, the daughter of the fellow who was going to become the Ludan of Three Hills. She was pretty… I thought so. Aldan confirmed that, and thought she was pretty too…

And there she was! She had overheard us! But she chose Aldan to dance with, at first, so I looked around and then and there I saw a girl about my age, but much larger, and she winked at me. So I went over to her, and asked her to teach me the Three Hills dances, and she said she would.

And during one of those dances, I took her waist in my hands, and lifted her — taking the role of the boy, which she had taken before, switching us about, and I really lifted her. She’s called Rava, she’s a smith’s apprentice, she’s as hefty as a heifer, but I’m strong like nobody expects me to, and we got plenty friendly! In no time, without doing anything towards that much desired goal, I was sitting in her lap during our rehydrating pauses, and pretty soon we were necking like nobody else on earth could see us.

And then the music was winding down, and we were a bit tipsy, and Aldan was getting really friendly with this Jerna, and I asked Rava, do you have a place where we can be together? Since Aldan was getting so friendly, so I wanted him to have our attic… And she said, she needed to check what her master was going to do, but he was occupied, too! And she took me to her attic, over the smithy.

And we fucked, and had fun… And after I had made her come in the best Doctor Cora approved style, and we lay together, sweaty and satisfied, I learned how she had just been dumped by her girlfriend, and that she was pretty sad about that. I had to explain I wouldn’t be able to stay with her — I have a mission, and have to go to Selday!

She got that, though, but I still wanted to give her something to keep with her, because I felt a bit like I had seduced her only to betray her, and wanted to give her something true. So I danced the dance for the lover to her, and she understood it at once. And after that, we fucked until dawn.

Then I made pancakes, and she kept kissing my buttocks, because I was making pancakes wearing nothing but spilled batter, and she made me spill more batter… But we had pancakes, and then when I left, I realized I had not kept track of my guild partner all night, but he was at the Manor, so he was presumably fine, and I kissed Rava and left.

And met her trade guild master.

He asked me, did you make her laugh? Did you make her happy?

And I answered, yes, and he hugged me, but I told him I would not stay, but he understood that.

Rava and I have this understanding, tonight we’ll go and try to find another girl for her — and if that doesn’t work, we’ll fuck again. But… She would be… She would be the answer to Ashti’s landlady’s prayer, that too!

In any case, I went home. I was drunk with wine, lack of sleep, surfeit of sex and kisses. So when I met one of the whores next-door, and Aldan, I was drunk enough to suggest he take some lessons of her, and to my surprise, he agreed. And I went inside, and fell asleep on the kitchen floor.