Letter to the school

Dear Headmistress Rava,

I write to you to share a concern. Traveling with Khushi I have come to understand a little about how things were for her at home. And by extension perhaps in some part of Síthi culture.

She seems to think that because I am a man and she is a woman she needs to do all the work and that I will beat her if I get upset with her. I would never do that. I hope that as we travel she will come to see that things are not like that. At least here.

The school and our journey have been her escape, but now that she is not there to work at home things will be harder on her sister. And, I think, her mother. I am concerned for her sister and I think the sister would do well at school if she were allowed to go. If you could keep an eye on the situation I would be grateful.

I believe that their family is putting on the airs of a Síthi form of Duyin, that they are not entitled to, which makes things worse. Makes them cling too hard to old ways.

Sometimes I want to go and give that father the beating he is so fond to dispense. But that is probably not the way. I am sure you know more about their ways and can find a more productive path.

We are doing well. Currently visiting Maile on her island.

Sedei Aldan, Essle