Nice girls, heads screwed on right

We woke up late… Our apprentices were already in the Order House, apparently exercising with stick fighting. Good… That way they didn’t have to see our red eyes, pasty complexions blue rims under our eyes, or our frightful hair that we couldn’t get fixed no matter how much water we used. Cream, fruit, honey, oil and a lot of me in Moyri’s hair, and a lot of her in mine made us look like complete frights! Also, the honey has made my lips itch a bit.

Moyri woke up while I was cleaning up the room, and when she’d gotten out of bed, I took off the blue and strawberry soiled sheets, and made the bed fresh, and put the basket with laundry and dishes outside.

She yawned, “but you don’t have to do that, Khushi! There are chambermaids for that!”

I nodded, “Sure, but do you want them to see your blue-berry-blue butt-print?”

Moyri blushed — which is adorable — and we kissed for a bit, and then our stomachs growled. Of course, we’ve had sex lots of times before, but tonight was special… We even opened the black box and played with the larger of the two ivory penises a very rich friend from Valdis once gave me. Our first encounter, well, I wrote that it was rather terrifying how eager someone who’s gone without sex, probably not even her own fingers, for fourteen years could be. But all in all, and like I discovered later in Selday, Moyri is pretty much a virgin.

An eager virgin, and one who has had one night with one boy, and another night with one girl, both in Tilis, until she met me. I think that even after tonight, I’ll have lots of surprises for her.

Fortunately, she’s just as touchy and grabby as me, and she’s made good on her promise to always touch me when we’re close. When we walk in the street we hold hands, when we sit next to each other at the table we can use only one hand, and when we sit opposite, cats are blocked from walking under the table because our legs are tied in a knot.

At one point, on our way to Valdis, Maile and Moryn had fun counting kisses-per-day.

We were sleepy, hungry and stinky. So we started with tea and breakfast. I started drinking the women tea again, and when Moyri came down, half an hour after me, she drank half of my cup. That woke her up, because it’s unbelievably filthy! Still, the verveine tea afterwards made up for it, and there were pancakes filled with sweet cream cheese, chives and sliced pickles.

We had a new host today, Cynla, the daughter of the woman we’d met yesterday. Before Moyri came down I had some fun explaining to Cynla what we’d been up to in her beds and with her sheets, but she took it in her stride.

After breakfast — well, it probably would be the only meal today, apart from dinner — we read the reply the Baron of Veray had sent. He wanted us to come up to the castle for drinks that afternoon.


That called for something more than tea. I fetched our best clothes and the most expensive perfume and paint, and we went out to the best baths. Those turned out to be the Sithi baths, just beyond the Temple of Dayati. So, we first kissed in front of the statue, and then had ourselves pampered in the baths. In a private bath, with a curtain.

We had two Sithi girls working on us, giving massage, washing and doing hair and so on. Well, Moyri’s hair is still much shorter than mine, so they were done with her long before they were done with me. While they were washing my hair, I put my foot between Moyri’s legs and began massaging her with my big toe. That was something new to Moyri… She looked at our attendants, but they only giggled a bit.

They asked us whether we were lovers (as if that wasn’t clear) so I answered, “No… We’re wife and wife. We were married in Three Hills.”

That made them very excited! “Can two women really get married, for real, like it counts for the King and the Queen and everyone else in Three Hills?”

“Sure! We’re the second girls-only couple married there. There’s an old lady there and the Mother gives her words when two girls marry, too.” Then I realizated it. “So, do you want to get married, too?”

“Yes… Is there a Sithi Baths in Three Hills?” the oldest asked me.

“No — but even though there’s a baron, the town is so small it couldn’t even support a normal baths.”


“But tell you what, if you come” — at that point Moyri came, but we’d both made a seal of silence over our compartment — “to Selday, where my wife is Baron, and I’m sheriff, I’ll double whatever you have saved so you can become partners in the baths in Selday, and introduce proper Sithi bathing!”

They were good… I’m soft as silk again, instead of hairy like a cat. (I told Moyri I wanted to be the first to shave her, and not now.)

And it seems they like the idea… Though they will pass through Three Hills to get married!

Nice, neat and sweet we went to look for a donkey-cart to bring us to the castle. No way we were going to climb all the way up! It’s on top of a huge hill, with vineyards and everything.

On our way to the place where such conveyances can be hired, we met Ruyin, the merchant from Valdis, master in the Guild of the Nameless, whom we had asked to ask his guild fellows to take care and not make emergencies with our apprentices. He nodded, and said he had done so, and we were properly grateful, to the extent of a kiss on each cheek, which made him blush. We never even stopped holding hands when kissing him.

We didn’t even stop holding hands when we saw the most amazing linen being weaved. So thin! So shear! So white! Before we leave, we’re going to order several bolts and have it shipped to Selday. One as a present to the Ishey women, one for bandages for the doctor’s post that I want to found, the others for us to wear!!!

And then we hired a donkey cart and were taken up the hill. I asked, “Driver — how long will this take?”

And he answered, “Until we’re there, lady!”

“Yes, but a day?”

“Not so long.”

“An hour?”

“Not so long, lady.”

“Half an hour?”

“Almost, lady.”

Well, that’s what I wanted to know! A bit exasperated, I put Moyri’s hand up my skirt and asked her to get busy. Now was my turn! And of course, now I had two tasks: allow Moyri to finish her job before we reached the castle, and keep a straight face and not make even the smallest whimper. Well, I even managed to now and then have conversation with our driver!

And just before we arrived, Moyri gave me her handkerchief, and I plied it, and then crammed it between her breasts, under her shirt.

It’s sinful, though, what these drovers make. For driving up, one shilling, for waiting until we’d want to go down, nothing. For going down, a shilling. For a light when going down after dark, half a shilling. To be shared with the donkey and the person at the booth where you hire the donkey. It can’t be done! It’s like the twelve riders for apprenticeship, it’s not gone up when prices all over the country have gone up, it’s iniquitous!

The baron turned out to be a priest of Mizran from the Temple in Essle, who had actually met Moyri now and then, first when they both had fencing lessons at the order, and later on now and then at official functions.

We got quite friendly, learned a lot about each other, agreed to exchange letters — he offered that the Temple of Mizran had a similar round-robin letter system as us toddler-runners, and as I had proposed for us barons.

Loryn also knew our bath girls, and knew they were a couple, and said, “Well, we’ll miss them, but there are others who’d like a job. Besides, it’s time they start for themselves. Nice girls, got their heads screwed on right.”

Then we met his wife, who is half Iss-Peranian, half Valdyan, and who showed us her preserves cellar.

Then they invited us to dinner, so we had to warn our apprentices about that, but they were fine, and still had their pocket money from Valdis, so everything was fine!

During dinner I had a long talk with Serla, and told her about my idea for a school in Veray for learning how to make things more useful. That brought in Moyri and Loryn, and I expounded a bit on it. How in Veray, there were smiths and dyers and weavers, and how the iron from Tylenay now went on to Albetire, instead of being worked in Veray, and how the steel tools (like my razor) came back to Valdyas from Albetire.

Wouldn’t it be good if there were a school where people could research and learn and improve the way Valdyans make things, too? And wouldn’t it be good if that school were in Veray?

Well, I’m not just a good teacher, and a very smart person, and also very modest, unassuming and unpretentious, but also a very good salesperson — I guess. (Of course, I’ve been selling sweets since I was seven!)

It seems they think it’s a good idea, and the day after tomorrow, me and Moyri will organize a dinner with some of the most important people of Veray and discuss the idea. That’s going to be fun, and good training, too!

After that, we went down, which was scary! With all the switchbacks, the crappy light (but in Veray I shouldn’t make a semsin light), we felt it would be a good idea to give the driver a handful of shillings as a tip.

Our apprentices, completely unharmed, were drinking large mugs of weak beer and writing in their Naigha’s books when we entered the Golden Tun.

We got hugs, they got hugs, and then we went to bed.