A letter to Baron Aldin of Lenay

Lyse definitely has manners!

Dear Baron Aldin and also dear aunt Halla,

How are you doing? I hope you are fine. I am fine, too. I am writing you to say sorry for letting your harbour master fall in the water. I promise I will not do it again, if he promises not to bother my mum and dad again.

He was bothering them because they had aunt Raisse’s luggage in their boat, aunt Raisse, uncle Athal and their maid and children were travelling with us because uncle Athal needed a holiday to get better after the fighting in Hostinay. And your harbour master, he was making a fuss about aunt Raisse’s luggage, and he was very rude, and then we decided that we wanted to leave Lenay, so I picked your harbour master up and let him fall into the water so we could leave, he was on my mum and dad’s boat.

I am very sorry I did that and I am very glad that he could swim, so he didn’t drown. I hope he still has his book, if he hasn’t please write me a letter and I will send him a new book.


Miallei Lyse from Tilis