On the island

Stuff Happened, and even though it’s mostly in people’s heads it does make a good story.

Fikmet and me, we’re friends again! I must have been really stupid! Because all that time, Fikmet and Aule thought I knew that I was gifted because I’ve been speaking the language of Velihas, and speaking Velihas, half of it’s done in your mind, Harah told me! That’s why I kept having headaches when I was learning to speak the language!!! And that’s also why there aren’t letters for all those words, because those words, they aren’t sounds!!!

But it really took me ages to believe Fikmet and Harah. But now we’re friends again!!! But now there’s nobody to teach me anything! Well, except talk in the language of Velihas, which might well be enough training for now! Ferin will be so surprised and when we get home and I’m in the Guild of Anshen, just like him!

But, we finally figured this out when we were walking to Harah’s village, that’s the village that’s really close to the island of Timoine, so we had to do with Timoine first, but somehow I didn’t really care about that, not as deep as Fikmet did. But it was very strange, and I’ll tell it as best as I can. Oh, and before we arrived in that village we met a man on a horse, he was looking for Maha, but she had already left us, and we couldn’t help him.

He said something like, “Isn’t she coming home then? Her mother will be pissed! Well maybe, that’s why…” And then he looked around, I guess with semsin, and then left again, I don’t know where, he was really strange, don’t say he wasn’t because Fikmet told me he should have been able to see Maha easily, with his mind.

After that, we arrived in Harah’s village it was too late to go to the island, we had to wait for that until the morning, but we met Ferkov, he’s a boy (I don’t know if you see that from the name because, well, it’s like if someone is talking in Velihas about a girl, then you just know it’s a girl, and same with a boy, so when Harah told us about Ferkov we just knew he was a boy, and that he was sweet on her, and that she thought she might be sweet on him, and we got all that when she said, “I’ll call Ferkov, he can show you the lake from the top of the hill,” and five minutes later he was with us, and he was all gooey over Harah and not all happy that she said, show Fikmet and Lyse the lake of Timoine.

But there was food afterwards and we made music and sang and danced, and I think Harah showed she liked Ferkov after all, because he had a really stupid grin on his face!

And there was this old man, he was called Edmen, he was really old, and Harah’s mother said we should talk to him, because I had become scared a bit (only a bit!) after Harah’s mother had told us that some people stay on the island, and then they stop being alive and they aren’t dead — they are just gone! And I didn’t want Fikmet to do that, and I knew she loves Timoine so much, so I thought she might.

And it was really difficult to talk to Edmen, because he only used his mind to talk! But we managed, and he told us that the island, it’s where Timoine begins, but that what feels like Timoine is of Timoine, but isn’t Timoine herself. That sounded complicated! But not more complicated that what my grandma had told me, of Dol-Rayen where something really old and evil and almost but not exactly the Nameless lived, what was destroyed (I hope!) by the King, our King, when he threw Dol-Rayen into the sea. And now I’ve seen our King I don’t wonder, because he’s like fierce! And he is with Anshen, what is very proper and as it should be.

So we were talking to Edmen, and it got really late, but it was really interesting as well, only I don’t remember everything exactly, and when we went to bed, I was so tired!

But we got up real early in the morning, and Harah’s mum gave us bread and cheese and a leather bag to take our stuff in because we’d have to swim. Timoine is so naughty that she will overturn any boat at all that’s on the lake!

And it was quite a walk before we came to the lake, and the water was like ice… And there was a weird fog, too.

So we took off our clothes and stuffed everything in the leather bag, clothes and food, and I tied the bag to my waist, and we went in. At first it wasn’t deep at all, and the bottom was easy, round stones, a bit of sand now and then, and there were little fishes.

Wolf wasn’t very happy, but he came with us anyway, and that was really good because otherwise we would never have made it back!

The mist was even worse when we arrived on the island. It was like a desert, with nothing big growing, only some stunted grass. There were birds, but no other animals, and the birds were in the air, not on the island.

There wasn’t a real path or anything, but we went up and up, and it was a really tough climb, first through the mist, then it started getting really hot so we put our clothes back on, so we wouldn’t burn, and it was up all the way.

At the top we could see there was a sort of hole, a bit like the village in the Cup, but smaller, and the hole was like the inside of a soup bowl, and it was green as anything, and in the middle there was light going up. Fikmet wanted to down immediately, but I was still scared a bit (I’m not afraid to admit that! It’s stupid not to be scared when things are really scary!), so I wanted to walk along the rim first. We made a sign with some stones so we’d know where we had begun to walk around. There was otherwise no way to figure it out — it was all exactly the same.

Only sometimes we found little streams starting on the upper slope of the rim, flowing down to the center, and when we’d found our sign again, we decided to go to the nearest, and follow that down. Wolf really didn’t want to come, but he didn’t want to stay alone either, so he came with us anyway, he was really brave!

All the plants, all the grass, it was all really new — like it had sprouted only yesterday or so! And if we’d scuffle over something, it’d get overgrown in a wink.

So we walked down and down, and then we came at the center, and there was this column of light going up, and we touched it — and it was really the beginning of Timoine, but not Timoine, not really. And Fikmet went in! And she stayed there for a while, and now her hair is really weird, as if she’d been through a famine, only lighter than white where it isn’t black anymore, and Edmen says now everyone can see that she’s been touched by Timoine.

But I didn’t want to go in, so I stretched out, and had some food and thought of the gods, and cuddled Wolf, who was still not happy, but he wanted some bread anyway. And then I went to sleep and I had really nice dreams, but I’m not going to write those down! And I’m also not going to write down what Timoine had to tell me, because that’s private, only that I told Timoine that I would go on making music and stuff, but that I wanted to be with Anshen.

And in the morning we had to go back. Our mark was almost completely gone, but we could find it in the end, so we knew where to go down. But the mist was really thick, and only thanks to Wolf could we find the way back! First we had to find where we’d landed, and then we drifted off swimming back to the shore, so Wolf had to find the way back to Harah’s village!

And he did, so he got a big chunk of the deer we caught later in the afternoon.

And now we’re walking towards the capital, that is called Baraz. Harah told us that Maha was actually a princess, as if I hadn’t guessed that already! And her mum and dad are the king, Edhmem and the queen, Ledu, and the queen is on her way to Valdyas to meet our queen, so we’ll only be meeting the king, but everyone says that queen Ledu is so bossy she isn’t nice anymore, so I don’t mind.

And if she thinks she can boss our queen… She’s got another think coming!

Oh, and I’ve seen and cuddled horses with a horn before, but now we’ve borrowed one and we’re riding on it! It’s only dangerous when the horse shakes its head get rid of the flies, then the horn sweeps around! But this is a very nice horse, as nice as the nicest horses along the Rycha.