Story from Lyse!

Can’t think of a better title (but may change it if anyone has an idea). This is the first installment (2 sessions) of our new campaign, hard to write up because the PCs are nine and eleven. I also have non-fiction from the other player, but I’m keeping that for my own reference. The inn is called “The Fishing Otter” here, but the sign is an otter with a fish in its mouth so Lyse’s mishearing is understandable and even plausible. I’m letting it stand. Hi! I am Lyse. I am twelve years old! Well, nearly, at the Feast of Timoine already! And that is very soon, because it is almost the Feast of Anshen already! My mum and dad are boatpeople, and so am I. When I was ten I left the temple school because the priestess didn’t teach me anything anymore. She thinks I am stupid because I am big and strong and not pretty at all. Well, she is stupid herself! Because she thinks that Imri is smart, just because Imri is small and pretty. And Imri is really stupid, she cannot do her sums, and I can, and the priestess always thinks it’s me who cannot […]