A new boss

When I came out of my mother’s belly I was the colour of cinnamon bark so she called me after that, Sinkauli. It’s a pretty name! I’m glad I’ve got it. There are lots of worse names to give a kid, like Kehendaki, that means something like “what we got as a surprise”. He’s okay though, we’ve been together all our lives like we’re brother and sister. But neither of us has a living mother or father or any family except each other. Sometimes when I’m almost asleep I dream of my mother, but that’s only a pair of soft arms and the smell of sandalwood and spices. We’ve been living in Ma Doryn’s house longer than anyone else, even Ma Doryn herself, she only came here a couple of years ago. We started out as rugrats, like the little kids crawling around now, but when we were five or so and could walk and talk we got to do some of the easy work, and got real clothes instead of a bit of rag, and real food instead of what happened to fall off the table or the scraps that the cats got. I ate a mouse once that […]