A letter from Moyri to Uznur in Essle

This will probably reach him just before Athal comes back and they all go to Valdis. The investigators, of course, are the young butchers. Dearest love, dear husband, prince of my dreams, my lord, Uznur I love you, I love you, I love you and I don’t think I can live for another month without you! People think I’m absent-minded, but I’m not, it’s you who is absent, and my mind is with you all the time! Bahar tries to be a little man and comes to tuck me in at night — and then I have to get out and tuck him in, so now we’ve settled that not just the twins, but everyone younger than me sleeps in our bed. Oh! Please do not be angry with me husband, I should have told you this first: we have unconvered a horrible plot by that evil excuse for a King in Albetire to conquer our country! The Queen (and everyone else at court) was going to be poisoned — and then in the confusion the country would be overrun by Iss-Peranian troops smuggled into Essle. Please, please — be alert, but not overly alarmed. The plot in Valdis was […]