An adventure!

Waterbirds, 1 I’m Rhinla. Yes — that means duck, and that’s my name! My best friend’s name is Lesla, and that means kingfisher. And that’s not weird! We’re named like that because we’re with the Waterbirds. That’s what we call ourselves. We, that’s me, and Lesla, of course, but also little Rovan, who is only five or so, and Faran and Jerna and Arin. Faran and Jerna sometimes make love! They are old, Faran older than Jerna, but old all the same. Arin isn’t that old, but much older than us. Lesla and me, we’re nine or ten, or eleven, depends on whether we’re quarreling. But we don’t quarrel a lot! And we’re the Waterbirds, we’re waterbird enough that we don’t eat duck or goose or teal or mallard or swan. Faran is big and strong, and usually has a strong stick with him, but he uses that mostly to lean on, he doesn’t beat us! And Arin has got a real knife, made out of iron, and I am allowed to keep it sharp! Jerna cooks for us, except when she’s really ill, as she was some years ago when she had a big, swollen belly and the swamp […]