Sedi’s notes to self

The kind of thing she writes in her notebook. And it’s so sealed.

Why have they kept the bodies in the warehouse? It must be ridiculously easy in that neighbourhood to make a dead body disappear, just heave it out of the window. Either they want to harm the Order with them somehow, or they kept the first to frighten the second (“see what we do to you people”), and so on. Which would mean that these three were there to frighten the fourth, possibly me. Well, they did frighten me, or rather shock and horrify me, but probably not in the way they expected or intended.

And for that matter, who are ‘they’? Some people in the Guild of the Nameless and apparently at least one from the Temple of Mizran. Well, one can be both at the same time. There’s something strange about that woman who was there last. I don’t know if she dropped the pearl as well, it may have been two different people.

Two Three things I should do before I leave.

  1. Cash in my letter of credit, There’s a priestess of Mizran, called Senthi I think, coming for that. I can show her the pearl too, see if she recognises it.
  2. Find an apothecary or send someone to the apothecary, for maiden-herbs and a seasickness remedy. I don’t want to spend the sea voyage bleeding and/or vomiting.
  3. Get decent tradeswoman clothes. With a linen cap or a headscarf so I can wear the leather cap under that when it’s expedient. Venla might have some, or be able to get some quickly. Or the priestess of Mizran for that matter.

There’s one thing apart from Order business that I really know about: farming. I can go as an agent sent by the court to check on the progress of the seed-corn and other planting material that they sent to Solay and Iss-Peran after (and I think even during) the war. That will get me into the fields, too, to talk to ordinary people. If the princess is anything like her brother she won’t find that unusual. I’ll run that by Athal, or even the captain (who knows, I think, that I’m an agent and even whose agent, but not any particulars, to see if it actually sounds sensible to other people.