A letter to the Mighty Servant

Cora is so contrite that the Mighty Servant may well cry. I hope he’ll remember to cry on Rhaye’s shoulder!

Valdyas, The Royal Palace, feast of Mizran,

From Raissei Dushtanei Asa Cora astin Velain astin Zameshtan, to the exalted Aldin, the Mighty Servant of the Most Holy God of Money of the Temple of Essle

Most exalted eminence,

Your humble and pious servant, after much deliberation, has decided to make bold to write this letter in the hope your eminence will look with favour upon your humble and pious servant.

Most exalted eminence, your humble and pious servant has only met with your eminence once before, when she had just arrived in Valdyas, just after the festval for the Most Holy Goddess of Death. Then she made bold to visit your eminence on a matter of business. Entirely lacking in intelligence and manners, your humble and pious servant then made two egregious mistakes for which she wishes to apologise.

The first was laying a claim to her dowry at the feet of your eminence: your humble and pious servant has since come to realise that this has laid a burden upon your eminence for which your eminence cannot be held responsible. Please do forget about these silly claims of an untutored and mentally deficient child.

The second was, when your humble and pious servant noticed the manner in which it pleased your eminence to look at his humble and pious servant, she employed certain of her skills for which she was prized in Iss Peran, but which she should have known from the stern instruction of the Flower of the North, the Fountain of Wisdom, the mighty Queen of Valdyas, Velihas and Idanyas, to be forbidden to her.

Your humble and pious servant begs your forgiveness, most exalted eminence! She will endeavor to pay back to you the value of the gift which she has received from your hands, a gift to which she has no right, and which is she is ashamed to admit she had sold to provide herself with money for her livelihood as soon as she had reached Veray.

Your humble and pious servant humbly begs leave to present her greetings and prostrations to you and signs,

Your honour, please allow your servant to add a postscript in the informal style.

Your honour, your servant has learned in Valdis that your honour has forsaken all his wives, concubines and other womenfolk for the sake of his servant. Please listen to the entreaties of your servant: do reconsider! If not for your own happiness, then for the sake of your servant and even more for the sake of your womenfolk, who look to you for their every happiness. Ever since learning of your assuming the burden of chastity she has felt unhappy! A man of your eminence is meant by the great God Mizran to shower happiness and delight on all who come to him. Please, do your servant the honour of reassuring her that you will forget about her, and give her the happiness of knowing that once more you will assiduously be to your womenfolk all that they expect of you. A letter care of Meran of Turenay will find your humble servant without possibility of failure.

There is another little thing of which your humble servant beseeches your eminence: please do not mention this letter or any of the subjects mentioned in it to your humble servant’s beloved lord husband, Prince Aidan. While he is aware of your humble servant’s history, she wishes to spare her lord husband any embarrassment.