A note from Aine to Torin

Also, a note from Aine to Queen Raisse.

Ravei Aine astin Brun, in Essle, to her brother Ravei Torin astin Brun

Gods, I was sure you were dead, and it was quite a shock (though a pleasant one) to hear that you are not. Uznur, who by the way is an absolute pet, said Hinla had hauled you on a cart to get you to the doctor in Turenay the day before I called at his office. Good girl! I’m glad you married her.

I’m off to Tal-Crun now to tell the grandparents and Cynla that you’re all right. Don’t let Mother worry about me too much. After all, Father walked all the way from Tal-Crun to Valdis on his own when he was my age, I don’t see why I can’t do it on a horse. And I have enough money because Uznur gave me some that seems to be coming to our family from the war, I didn’t ask why or how.

I think I’ll be home before the winter, and I’ll write if I can’t manage it. Get well! Hinla deserves you.

Your sister, Aine

Ravei Aine astin Brun, in Essle, to Ravei Raisse astin Brun, queen of Valdyas.

Dear sister, I suppose you’ve had news of Torin by now. If not: he’s alive though not exactly whole, and Hinla Hayan (who married him before the battle that nearly killed him) has taken him to Leva in Turenay to be mended. I’m off to the Tal-Crun grandparents to tell them and Cynla, and also to see some more of the world before I’m cooped up at school again. You can probably expect me in Valdis by the feast of Mizran.