Athal’s letter to Shishe Namak

This was very hard for him to write, and he didn’t know the proper legal phrases, but I’m confident that Lyan does.

Alysei Athal astin Velain, king of Valdyas, to Shishe Namak, governor of the Iss-Peranian part of Aumen Síth


Confident that I may call you that already, I hereby give you my permission to marry my sister, Alysei Ayneth astin Velain, subject to her full consent and that of her spouse, Viceroy Hallei Raith. I understand that you intend to marry said Hallei Raith as well. I have no personal authority over her, and any political authority I have does not extend to her marriage, so I am leaving that decision to Hallei Raith herself.

You must be aware that my sister is very much her own woman, with duties of her own, not to be subsumed by any duties as the wife of the Iss-Peranian governor. Also, to ensure that all peoples of Aumen Síth be fairly represented in government, I insist that any subsequent wives you take are also of a different people than your own: be it Síthi, Khas, Ishey or anything else than Iss-Peranian (which you already are) and Valdyan (which your two intended wives already are).

I am sending you a document to that effect with all the proper whereases and whosoevers, drawn up by the Queen’s advisor, Master of Law Hallei Lyan. I shall send three copies, each with a different ship, to make sure you receive at least one; as soon as you do, please have three copies made of it and send those back in the same manner, signed and sealed by your own hand. You are of course free to consult with your superior General Beguyan, but I do not expect that he will judge differently. It must be completely clear that the regency of Aumen Síth is held jointly by Valdyas and Iss-Peran, under the primacy of Valdyas, until a proper heir –presumably your and my sister Ayneth’s offspring– is of age.

In anticipation of a favourable answer I am sending you my heartfelt congratulations.