Erian’s last letter

Cora has been too busy to write in her notebook lately… she’s not only given birth to a daughter, but she’s also adopted baby Jeran and his self-appointed big sister Alaise from the orphanage in Veray. Here’s the last letter Alaise’s father wrote to his family from the war. In his own spelling!

Coosheesh, before Midsummer

Dear wife, dear daughter,

I am riting this just before we are to embark. I’ve been riting and ritten bits of a letter to the two of you, but as you know, I’m not much of a riter, so it never got finished. But my mate, Vaurin, is riting this down as I tell him to. It’s important to rite at least something, cause were about to embark for Sowlay. The army is now in a place called Coosheesh we are camped on the salt flats outside Coosheesh.

Lemme tell you, what happened before. The Veray Regiment was shipped first to a place called Eel Ay Yamdee — which is supposed to be a kingdom. We arrived about the same time as the witch from Lenyas, I mean, the Viscountess — Raith. She was marvellous! There was a bunch of Cash soldiers who needed a talking to, and Raith told them to keep quiet, and even thier sorcerer kept quiet. It might have helped Raith cut him down to size with lignthing, of cause.

Then we had to march! That was a march — they did tole me war was hurryup and wait, but this was hurryup and hurryup. We marched all along the coast, driving the Cash to the west. They did not offer fight much! Us, the Valdyans, we are the ones the generals and our witch, relay on every time there is fight we fight first! There was a horrible fight near a big mountain that was like a cheese cut in two.

So we fought, an everyone in my plantoon died, but I didn’t die, because I wanted to live so I will come back to you and Alaise, and then we will be rich I have earned at least 300 riders in bonus for having fought from Eel Ay Yamdee to Coosheesh. I joined a plantoon from the Turenay regiment next, since nobody from our part of town was still standing and, their captain, he is called Rhyn everyone, said he is a real good captain.

We went through a horrible coutnry next, our witch tole us not to eat anything from beside the road and there was nowt living, no man, no beast, just plants and, the air tasted of copper or tin, like sucking on a spoon with no porridge on it. There was an helefaint and she went through here nease, but the witch helped her get up again.

Let nobody tell you I am not missing you I am missing you very much. There is this girl, she is not my freind, she came to me and wanted to be my freind she is as old as Alaise. I told her to go but she dint go she now cooks for the plantoon and keeps my kit. If I don’t dye I will take her with me she can be a freind for Alaise if I don’t she will dye a hoare her hair is black but she is as help full as Alaise and teiches me Ees-Paraynian her name is Mousy I see her then i think of Alaise so, my wife I have always been faithful to you my mates kid me about that but they are from Turenay were people are not like us.

Now we have to baord the ship to Sowlay to fight the last battle the Cash have retreated all thier soldeirs in Sowlay and will put up a big fight. I promiss I will live and and come back I kiss you my wife and you my daughter Alaise I am thinking of you when I come back we will be rich the bonus for taking Sowlay is agian 300 riders.

Love and kisses,