It was Midsummer just like that, it sort of crept on us because we were so busy! Baby twins take so much time, and we were building more rooms on our house for Pahiz and Baran and Bachche to live in, and a room for Rhinla and Lesla to live in, and while we were at it a couple of spare rooms too. Now I think our house is one of the biggest on our side of the river. The wash-house is big, too, but that’s only one room, and I still think it was a temple to start with. When we’re finished with our house I’ll see if we can build a better wash-house and make the old one into a temple again, it would be so good to have a temple of Anshen on this side so everybody who won’t cross the bridge or doesn’t dare go into the school can go to the temple too.

We had a fire with all the leftover wood from the building, and more stuff that people brought in, and when it was growing light Arin’s mother took me by the shoulder, “you come with me right now!” She already had Ashti with her, and Pahiz too. “Wait for me,” Pahiz said, and ran away and after a while she came running back with something wrapped in a cloth with her. It was the statue from the temple of Dayati!

Then Arin’s mother — called Ryath, I think — took us all to where the little stream comes tumbling off the heights to throw itself into the Nysa with a lot of noise. First she went even further up with Pahiz and left me and Ashti in a field with a donkey in it. I think the donkey thought it was a huge joke, it came up and nuzzled us on all sides. They came back, Pahiz still hugging her statue. “I’m married to Dayati now!” she said, “nobody else has a claim on me!”

I didn’t know that people could marry gods! But perhaps the Síthi can.

Then it was our turn, and we knelt by the water and Ryath poured it over our hands and we had to say words. I hadn’t thought of any words! I’m sure that Ashti said some but I can’t really remember except that they were the right words, and when I had to say something I did have words, thank the Mother, they were something like “I’ll be here for you and our children as long as I’ll live”.

And then we were married. Ryath gave us a slap on the rump, “now you go home and to bed!” so that was what we did — Ashti had to feed the twins, of course, but the bed is a good place to do that, and I shooed some cats out of the room and made sure that someone else would round up our other children.

After a while we got some sleep, and woke up in the middle of the day, with the whole house busy again, and more feasting because now there was a wedding to celebrate!

Master Mernath gave me another day off, but when I go back to work I’ll ask him if I can make a fire-pot for the new temple as my masterpiece, because I think I’ve figured out how to put power into it like Rava has done in Valdis.