Ysella’s letter to Moyri

This session was mostly to give some closure for Moryn, and to let Cora meet Ysella. It proved very effective, though Ysella (and/or her player) would have liked more time. Curse the Dutch Railways for making the last train go at 23:15.

Nameless day in the twelfth week of Timoine, in Veray.

Dear dear Moyri,

We have arrived in Veray and are well, better than when we left. I have not cried for weeks. And your father is making jokes and after fencing with a young man and breaking his sword he gave his own to the young man who will be competing in the games. He is done fighting. This trip and seeing Moryn retuning a bit to his old self have given me time to think instead of just worry.

It is so important to find the right husband. And I know you have and I know I have. I suspect that Uznur is as devoted to you as I am to your father. I don’t know if I ever said this to you, but I see in you the things that made me fall in love with him in the first place. His decisiveness and sense of purpose. Unfortunately you inherited my constitution but that only makes me more proud of you for achieving what you have and my beautiful grandchildren.

I thought for a while that once he returned to me I could get angry but I can’t. Moryn still needs me, maybe more than ever. I would be lost if he didn’t. Besides I was really angry with myself, not him. Angry for not stopping him. I could have saved lives. I could have lessened the horror of what he has done and so lessened what it has done to him. Moryn thinks I could not have stopped him or maybe he likes to believe that but I could have, easily. All I had to do was betray him. Could you betray the man you love? The man who risked the wrath of the Nameless to be with you. The man I gave up my shop for. The man who brought the doctor when I was poisoned. He is the only man for me and I can’t. That is my weakness and if Anshen has forgiven me then so must I.

In Veray he bought me a beautiful pendant. Gold with rubies, it cost a fortune, to my mind anyway. It was made by Arvi who came with me and Moryn from Solay. It it nice to have something concrete to remind us of her. It seems this Cora we heard so much about got it as a gift from the Mighty Servant of Essle and sold it. We met her: she is adorable and completely in love with prince Aidan.

We are taking our time walking and just being together again, sleeping in haystacks and getting dirty. But it is all worth it.