A note from Aine to Torin

Also, a note from Aine to Queen Raisse. Ravei Aine astin Brun, in Essle, to her brother Ravei Torin astin Brun Gods, I was sure you were dead, and it was quite a shock (though a pleasant one) to hear that you are not. Uznur, who by the way is an absolute pet, said Hinla had hauled you on a cart to get you to the doctor in Turenay the day before I called at his office. Good girl! I’m glad you married her. I’m off to Tal-Crun now to tell the grandparents and Cynla that you’re all right. Don’t let Mother worry about me too much. After all, Father walked all the way from Tal-Crun to Valdis on his own when he was my age, I don’t see why I can’t do it on a horse. And I have enough money because Uznur gave me some that seems to be coming to our family from the war, I didn’t ask why or how. I think I’ll be home before the winter, and I’ll write if I can’t manage it. Get well! Hinla deserves you. Your sister, Aine Ravei Aine astin Brun, in Essle, to Ravei Raisse astin Brun, queen […]