Alaise writes from Valdis at last

Cora has been so worried about Alaise and Arin– but they’ve just been busy. (And Arin isn’t much of a writer, but she knew that.) The letter also contains several pages copied from a herbal. (Keşniş happens to be the Azeri word for coriander.) Here is Cora’s reply. Dear Mother Cora, Here we are in Valdis! Sorry we haven’t written before because we’ve both been so busy. Arin doesn’t write very well anyway, though the master sends him to school every week on the Day of Mizran at the temple where there’s a school for apprentices to learn figuring and accounting and things like that. That’s for when they get their own business. I think I’m going to ask if I can go there too. It sounds so interesting and useful and I’ve found out that I like numbers, much more than I did when I was at school. Arin is working on someone’s house, one of the big merchants, with Master Aldin. He was very upset, Arin, not the master, because the master made him start all over again at the beginning right from stacking bricks and stirring mortar, but he said that the master said that if you […]