A letter to Nalenay

Dear Grandmother, dear Mother, dear replacement-who-sleeps-in-my-bed-and-who-I-will-call-my-Sister, I should have sent my letter to you all months earlier, but then I thought, well, nobody can get letters to Nalenay in winter anyway, so who not wait until spring? And so here’s this letter… My dear Sister, first a word for you: Grandmother told me she and Mother had taken in a girl who wanted to become an acolyte, who was now sleeping in my old bed. I do hope so very much you are still sleeping in my old bed and helping out Grandmother and Mother. Though live in the service of Naigha means poverty when it comes to food, furniture and other fussy things, it brings rewards that I know and feel I’m missing. And that I will feel missing from life the rest of my life. Because, Grandmother, Mother, Sister, I have to be honest and truthful, and the honest truth is, I am not going back to the temple. There was not one day, one moment, when I decided to stay with Ferin and the children, here in Turenay, but it came gradually, and then, there was one moment where I decided how I would tell myself, my […]