Hunting the brat

In twenty years, the Spotted Dog will have a chubby Khas cook. Unless Bakhmet is one of those people who use up all that food energy for semsin work and stays as thin as a rail, like Sedi. I like these characters so much that I’m sorry it’s not the start of a campaign (the other player lives 3+ hours away so it would be hard). But the GM did an amazing job of rounding off the adventure, and I think we’ve gained a new recurring adversary or two. I’m going to tell you about this adventure we had, Bathukan and I. It was all Kusay’s fault of course, like most things. It started a couple of weeks ago– no, when it really started was last summer when the mage’s daughter suddenly appeared in the village and told stories about her travels. Only a little girl, called Fikmet, my sister Tamsin’s age but a lot smaller, and she talked really funny but that seems to be how they talk in the homeland. Kusay was all enthralled, and he talked of going to see the world himself, or at least the big city! And then two weeks ago he went out […]