A letter from Dimani

She is writing to Moyri at last; including a small skillfully executed painting of flowers. To Moyri astin Rhydin in Valdis. Dear Moyri, First of all, let me congratulate you on the birth of your twin children. Your parents have shown me the drawings and they are absolutely charming. Forgive me if I am too forward in this letter; writing in Ilaini makes it hard if not impossible to observe the propriety due to you, my friend and benefactress. So much has happened that I cannot write it all, but I shall try to give you a faithful account so you will know what has befallen me and the boys. I kept to myself in Turenay for a long time, too despondent to take the actions you encouraged me to take. I did send Dorush and Javan to school, and they did the shopping for me, even cleaned the house –I’d taken a small house near the river– when my worries impaired me too much. I thought I could have held out like that forever, but the sadness and worry must have overcome me, because I found myself in the hospital without really knowing how I had got there. I […]