A letter from Ebru, dictated to Keti

It’s clear that Keti is used to much more flowery language than Ebru lets her write: she translates stock phrases literally. ‘Turenay’ happens to mean ‘bath-town’, called after the medicinal springs and bath-houses; ‘ver-‘ means ‘dawn, morning’, ‘Solay’ (the Valdyan name of Aumen Síth) means ‘gold-town’. The commander of the Order of the Sworn probably spells his name ‘Morin’ himself, but ‘Maurin’ is the way he’s likely to have pronounced it when he introduced himself, as he’s a native of Ryshas. Ökgelen Ebru, at the School of the Spirit in the town of Bath, to her esteemed father Ökgelen Ersen, fighting the Khas with Prince-with-the-Lynx Reshan in the Southern Plains. And also to her uncle Ökgelen Tanu. Dear father and uncle, My friend Keti is helping me write this because I am still learning to write. She says that Prince Reshan will read it aloud so it will be as if I am speaking to you. Uncle Tanu will be able to understand it and translate it into our language. There are no signs for the sounds of our language or I would have written those. I am happy at the school and have many friends in my own class […]