Jalao’s letter to his mother

This must have taken a lot of work to write! Especially as they haven’t had much time, opportunity or incentive to actually work on reading and writing. Note that most Ishey say ‘l’ for ‘r’. Valdis, ninth week of Naigha of the year 547 From Jalao who was named Tho as a boy to his Mother Asuye, Chief of Vado Village of Ogayi Settlement Honoured Mother, This letter I have written in my own hand in the Ilaini language and is translated into Ishey by Sabeh, clerk to the Mother of Soldiers Ezeh, Chief Builder to the court of Queen Raisse of Valdyas. Honoured Mother, I write to tell you what happened after I left Vado Village for the Plains Temple of the Gods as you told me to. As you can see, I have become a man, and have taken the name Jalao. I will also tell you how I came to be a man before I returned to Vado Village. I am not returning to Vado Village yet, because my wife and I have been entrusted by the Queen of Valdyas with letters to give in the hands of the Queen of Velihas, which means we will travel […]