A letter from the queen of Velihas

She doesn’t know about the king’s letter, at least didn’t know about it when she wrote this. Fekemme, I heard the news of your elopement when I got back after an unsuccessful attempt to secure a Valdyan princess for you. The princesses of Valdyas have the proper ancestry, but the king and queen would not pledge them, claiming they are too young (and indeed one is an infant and the other not much older, but that would not preclude a pledge). I understand that the girl you eloped with is a commoner of no clan and little learning. That she claims the baroness of Sarabal as family does not change that: Arnei Senthi was common-born as well. Though the girl does have gifts she has insufficient skill as yet. You will, of course, educate her in civilised manners before taking her to Baraz. Your father wants to give the succession to you but in the circumstances I am inclined to favour Maha instead. There is little to be done about your unfortunate marriage, but we can keep the damage within bounds. As for your headstrong decision to apprentice yourself to a foreign priest, if he consents to teach you there […]