Lydan’s letter to Raisse and Moyri

Lydan must have had a clerk to write it for him, because there’s no way that he could have been schooled to write in this style himself. But the sentiments, and the facts as he sees them, are all there. To her majesty Ravei Raisse astin Brun and the noble lady Ysellei Moyri astin Rhydin, from Ernei Lydan Your Majesty and my lady, It pains me to have to write you that your servant Fian has been assassinated on the day of his arrival in Albetire. I will try to assemble my thoughts — they have been sadly confused by the loss of my friend, Fian — and tell you what I think you need or desire to know as orderly as possible. I remember that your majesty and my lady were interested in the fate of the dandar Naravati, too, so I will account for her as well in this letter. Let me first account for the situation in Albetire when we arrived, then give account of the death of my our friend, follow up with the current situation, and then close with the particulars of our journey here, those are more private, but your majesty and my lady […]