A letter from Parandé

Read aloud by Thulo, who wrote this letter in return. “Myravid” is Merain’s Iss-Peranian name. From Parandé, to Anusheh Hi Anusheh, love! Love from your sister Parandé! Sweet Gods, I bet, I just bet that you’re more surprised at getting this letter from your old platoon-mate than I was writing it! Have you learned to read yet? And can you read our language, but in Valdyan letters… Anyway, I knew where you’d gone, and I know that that Narwhal is going to anchor in Dadan. Oh Gods, sweet Gods… Remember — do you remember? When we were in the Palace? Together? Sold on the same day, by our parents. It was a famine, if I remember correctly, but it might have been something else… There was a glut of girls, and the King, he was too old to notice girls anyway, and besides, we were only six, anyway. Though later, it’s said he visited that poor Asa in her bedroom. Ew! And then the Valdyans came, and the earthquake, and their king and everything went down the drains like vomit after a eunuch orgy. Oh Gods, sweet Gods, how happy I was to meet you, to find that you, too, […]