Radan’s letter to Vurian

All this (i.e. the side campaign with Khora, causing all these letters) is giving me lots of ideas for the next campaign arc. Radan doesn’t actually know much about the situation in Iss-Peran (at least not until Athal and Raisse arrive in Turenay), but he does have the right ideas.

Hyltei Radan astin Brun, at the Guild school in Turenay, to Cynlei Vurian astin Brun, King’s Regent in Valdis.

Dear cousin,

You may have heard rumours of the romance between my younger son and the Queen’s ward; I have to admit that all of those are likely to be true. I have seldom seen two young people so much in love or so little able to keep their urges in check. When they declared themselves to each other a wave of passion swept over Turenay that hit every semte in town, as well as many people without any gifts who happened to be in love; myself, too, making me in my widowed state very uncomfortable. Raisse took the prudent course and sealed the young woman’s room so they could let their passions have free rein at least for the night. I hear that my cousin Eirin had to do the same for her son and his girl who happened to be dining with her.

This in itself would only be a simple matter of teaching the young couple to shield themselves if politics did not come into it. The young woman happens to be from a highly noble family. I have sworn confidentiality so I will refrain from naming it, but her uncle –she has no parents– could get up a force of fifteen thousand within weeks if necessary. The uncle himself is unlikely to muster his troops to fetch her back, but there might be spies from many different factions, which could easily become a threat to her if she in fact marries Aidan. As matters stand now I expect that to be unavoidable in four years at the latest, when the young woman has finished her schooling. Raisse has alerted all the runners within her reach to the possible activity of spies, but it needs vigilance from everyone who knows even a few of the facts.

Don’t misunderstand me: I have taken a liking to the girl. Aidan took her home to me last night, after he had given me a fright by vanishing out of my and everybody’s sight for a night and a day– under Raisse’s seal, as it turned out. She is polite and elegant and loves my son very much. She has been trained from a very young age in the art of being a wife –an Iss-Peranian custom almost inconceivable to me– so it is impossible for her to contemplate remaining unmarried when one is of marriageable age (and marriageable age is much lower in her home country: she was married at seven and widowed at thirteen without the marriage ever having been consummated). Once one has a husband, or someone likely to become so, preventing pregnancy is also out of the question. Aidan (who seems to have acquired some prudence with this commitment) went to great lengths to convince her that they should not have children immediately, but it took Leva’s independent advice –the girl recently miscarried when pregnant from being violated– to sway her, though she still has misgivings. It will not be good for her health, for both their studies, and for the country if they start too early. I am pleased to be a grandfather and long to see the grandson who is also yours, but I will be content to wait a few years to become a grandfather by way of Aidan also.

What I would ask of you, because of all the people I know to be in Valdis you have the most diverse and useful connections, is to alert the Guild runners in Valdis and have them investigate anyone who might be a spy for one of the various factions in Iss-Peran, especially for the Koll family: Koll Konandé has become king of Albetire, and his great-uncle Koll Neveshtan, who operates out of Essle, is reported to have had the young woman’s parents assassinated.

Sealed with my own hand and mind, on the Day of Mizran in the eleventh week of Naigha,