Rava writes to her daughter the queen

The tone seems very restrained for someone who has just had her eldest son come back alive when she was practially sure he was dead, but she’s probably done all her gushing already. Ainei Rava to Ravei Raisse astin Brun, queen of Valdyas, in Valdis. Turenay, fourth week of Anshen Dear Raisse, You will probably have had the news directly from Moyri’s Uznur in Essle by now, but I have the details: Torin is here, alive, though according to Cora “no part of him was missing, but no part of him was whole either”. Hinla Hayan, bless her, saw him fall and get trampled by the Khas’ war mounts –Cora says they were camels, from the hoofprints– and dragged him from the battlefield and on to the first ship east. There was a dandar on the ship, can’t be anything else though Hinla thought she was some sort of Iss-Peranian priestess of Naigha, who did something to him that kept him alive, apparently until now. In Essle, Hinla went to the chancery to send a message and Uznur got them an Iss-Peranian eunuch doctor, who at least kept Torin’s wounds from festering. Then the resourceful girl bought a cart and […]