A letter from Reshan

I think he’s right that it can’t last much longer, though whether the Khas are running out of reinforcements or merely concentrating on Solay now I couldn’t say. Sellei Ökgelen Reshan to his wife, Cynlei Arni astin Brun. My dear Arni, Thank you so much for your letter with all the news. I’d rush to your side if we weren’t so close to victory now. Surely this can’t last another half-year, especially not with Athal on his way to take Solay. Anyway, I’m confident that you can bring this sprog into the world safely and comfortably, as you’ve done every time until now. Your letter and Athal’s arrived in a spectacular manner. The children of the tribe have taken up the habit of sneaking into the Khas camp when most of the Khas are busy fighting us, behind the backs of the guards so they can only cause minor annoyances: cut the tent-ropes, piss in the porridge grains, things like that. One eight-year-old boy was left behind when reinforcements arrived because he was inside a tent. Not many reinforcements, only about six hundred: I think they’re running out. They were about to seize him when someone came charging through the […]