Sayeh writes to her family in Albetire

This is one of the Iss-Peranian women who came home to Turenay with soldiers. Cora, Valdyan as she has become, is still firmly their queen. From Sayeh to her honoured Father, her Mother and her sisters Vadhri and Priya, Dear Father and Mother, dear Elder Sister and younger sister, your obedient daughter and sister has the honour of informing you through the hand of her friend the painter Dimani that your obedient daughter’s marriage to Eirein Ayran has been blessed by the birth of a boy, who has been named Aidan, in honour of the husband of our Queen, Prince Aidan. Your obedient daughter gave birth to her husband’s son in the house of the painter Dimani and she begs you to find enclosed a picture of herself and her husband’s son painted by the Court Painter of the Valdyan King, Shab Hafte. (Dear sir, ladies — the painter Dimani regrets that her friend Sayeh does not allow her to continue in the proper style but instead insists that your servant, the painter Dimani, takes down her exact words. Her husband is now insisting that your daughter Sayeh learns to write her own letters.) Father, mother, Vadhri, Priya! I have […]