Erian’s last letter

Cora has been too busy to write in her notebook lately… she’s not only given birth to a daughter, but she’s also adopted baby Jeran and his self-appointed big sister Alaise from the orphanage in Veray. Here’s the last letter Alaise’s father wrote to his family from the war. In his own spelling! Coosheesh, before Midsummer Dear wife, dear daughter, I am riting this just before we are to embark. I’ve been riting and ritten bits of a letter to the two of you, but as you know, I’m not much of a riter, so it never got finished. But my mate, Vaurin, is riting this down as I tell him to. It’s important to rite at least something, cause were about to embark for Sowlay. The army is now in a place called Coosheesh we are camped on the salt flats outside Coosheesh. Lemme tell you, what happened before. The Veray Regiment was shipped first to a place called Eel Ay Yamdee — which is supposed to be a kingdom. We arrived about the same time as the witch from Lenyas, I mean, the Viscountess — Raith. She was marvellous! There was a bunch of Cash soldiers who needed […]