Serla writes to her grandmother in Turenay

The grandmother in question being Ruzeyn Ysella, perfumer, Moryn astin Rhydin’s wife. Serla has been in school for a few weeks now, making friends; she knew all her letters already. From Moyrei Serla astin Rhydin Dear Grandmother, I write this with my own right hand, but my friend Halla helps me with the words because I can write all the letters but I don’t know how to make hard words yet. Halla knows that because she has been in school for two years and is going to be a clerk. Mother said to write to you and ask you to send me a skipping roap rope that you buy in the market in Turenay because that is the best market in the world. Or else please send one or two shillings to put in my money box to buy one at the ropers and I don’t have to save so long. I want to go skipping with Halla and Rani with a good roap. Halla has one but it is very old and it breaks all the time, we have to tie big knots in it that make us trip. And I can buy one with my pocket money but […]