Fikmet’s trial

We were in the little temple to Anshen and we were singing. We were not singing in Khas but that was not a problem. The priestess led me to the back with Bhatukan and then it was dark. Anshen was present, but he didn’t say much as always. This did feel like a question though, but what was he asking?

I looked for Daya and she was there too. And she reassured me that even if I served Anshen and grew up, whatever that means, she will never leave me. That made me feel a lot better and I started to look around with my spirit and the darkness lifted a little.

Bhatukan could see nothing so I tried to show him with my spirit. Not sure if he saw anything or not, but after all of this his spirit was opened. I kept hold of his hand and looked around. It was a bare rocky ground. It looked a lot like home, but near a mountain because some of the rocks were quite big.

And there were people there. They could not see mee and I did not know who they were, but I do know that these are people I need to take care of. Just when I decided I was going to be done with taking care of other people after we returned to Velihas. But this is what they want me to do and if I do not something bad will happen to them, I am sure. See, I was right, growing up is no fun. So I went and studied each of them and imprinted them on me so I would recognize them if I ever saw them. Maybe not thier faces but their spirits no matter what age they are. I have not met any of them yet, but I am going to travel the world and find them. There were so many of them though and I had to imprint all of them.

When I was done I was back in the temple still singing, but I was so drained. Everyone saw and they took care of me and let me recover.