A letter from Moyri to her cousin

A letter from Moyri to her cousin

This cousin used to live in Erday, but now in all probability he’s moved to Lhayen on the other side of the Valda. Moyri has given his stuff to a river-boatman who thinks he knows who the right Faran is in order to give it to him.

Ysellei Moyri astin Rhydin, to her cousin Faran, Tal-Sorn, Mizrein hanre, sixth week of Naigha

Dear cousin,

You will no doubt be surprised to receive a letter from one you have always regarded as a member of the flock of black sheep of the family. My apologies if my letter pains you, but I have a sad duty to perform.

About a week ago, the Queen and I arrived in Trynfarin on our royal progress through Lenyas. The mayor of Trynfarin, formerly Trynyas, told us about your hunting lodge in the mountains, that it had not been used for over twenty years and that the caretakers had long since died. I am not sure whether you were already aware of that; their old dog is now taken care of by a certain Tyan. Of course, you wouldn’t know neither the caretakers nor the dog, since nobody of the family has been at the Lodge for over twenty years.

However, Her Majesty desired to visit the Lodge and we went there with a small retinue. When we arrived, the Lodge showed signs of recent occupation, like hay in the stable and food in the kitchen. But there was no horse, nor anyone to answer our calls. We went in, all the doors were unlocked, and in the small bedroom we found the body of someone whom we suppose to have been your servant, a somewhat-more-than middle-aged man.

Dear cousin, I am afraid this man has died. Probably from the lung plague, in his sleep. His horse must have bolted after his master no longer came down to water and feed it.

We have treated the man we presume to have been your servant with all respect and had him taken to town, to Trynfarin, where the Priestess has buried him. My sincere condolences to you and to any family he might have left in your hands.

I assume you sent your servant to investigate the state of the lodge? Please find enclosed his personal effects, the two chests with linen and clothes and a small chest, as well as the tools that were listed in the note your servant was carrying. One red cloak we have given to Tyan — he helped us bring out your servant. The Lodge itself is in a very bad state, the roof must have been leaking for more than five years, though the floors still seem sound. If you wish to visit there again, bring carpenters and builders! We had to demolish the great four-poster bed to make a litter for your servant’s body.

Your cousin,