Back in Valdis

Valdis, tenth week of Naigha

Now that I had had a night’s rest the affairs of the city were presented to me. First thing, Rovan came to talk to me. With half the palace guard away and the city in the grip of a lung-plague, a gang of quacks had flourished. Taking people’s money for cures that do not work. Keeping them away from the people who might cure them. In some cases you could call that murder. Although with the plague mostly over it has gotten less, it needs to be dealt with and strongly discouraged.

I asked the captain of the palace guard to see if he can’t recruit ten or so people, for this is secret. I know it’s very tough to find anyone, but it would help. I plan to send people out acting like they might be in need of medicine and see who pops out to sell them some and a conspicuous guard nearby would not work.

When Rovan had finished and I had had my breakfast, a delegation of the children of the temple of Dayati came to see mee. They celebrate the feast of Timoine with sweets and fireworks while the children of Valdyas celebrate it with a big procession. And they wanted all the children to participate in both. I thought this a fine idea, but the procession is organized by the children themselves. So I gave them my blessing and said that if I were invited, which they promptly did since I am highly pregnant, I would come and bring food for many.

Not long after that we met with the entire, as much as possible, doctors’ guild. I think seven got called away during the meeting. We, Moyri mostly and me, asked them some tough questions and they had very good answers to them for the most part. And in the end we discussed making the makeshift hospital they created permanent. Perhaps they deserve more praise for it. I should push for that hospital to be set up properly and perhaps we can name of it after one of the doctors who died treating the sufferers.

That evening there was a banquet in honour of the veterans and I spent the rest of the day and evening letting people talk to me and getting a feel for what was going on. At the end of the evening I sat for a while with the Mighty Servant and we discussed the finances of the war effort and I lifted his burden by saying that no more troops and ships would be needed, so it would not become an even bigger financial drain. After that I mentioned that the doctors had been doing very good work and that smaller towns than Valdis now had permanent hospitals. And I think Moyri is also going to encourage the nobles to contribute.

The next day I had Lyse over for breakfast. She was clearly working too hard and the Order had been helping the palace guard so much that they had no effort to spare for capturing the crooks behind the fake medicine.

When I was being dressed, the secretary informed me that my schedule was cleared for Moyri so I took a couple of soldiers and the children and went there. She seemed right at home and had even moved her bed upstairs. We came to discussing school for Vurian and Serla and we slipped out the back with just Serla and went to have a look, first at the cooper’s to see if Moyri could buy the warehouse that was connected to her house, and then on to the nearest school. It was small and bare but it seemed adequate. The teacher did tell us that the boys were just too young and that we should come back when they were a little older, but Moyri enrolled Serla on the spot.

Next we went to the pub and had a small glass of beer, since we both can’t really drink much right now. I had made myself inconspicuous when we left and even in the pub no one acted like they recognized me. Though I know the head teacher knew before the end of our conversation. Then it was back to Moyri’s house for dinner and back to bed for me.