Mizran’s Day

Raisse’s take on the Feast of Mizran. I especially like “When doctors talk among themselves it’s hard to follow sometimes.” It’s so true!

I was in an odd mood today. It started with dressing up for the celebration of Mizran’s day. It required fancy clothes and I even let them talk me into some paint and jewellery. If any god appreciates opulence it’s Mizran.

They had to make way for us though the crowds. We saw the sacrifices and the priests gaining a rank and then we had to listen to a hard to understand high priest for a long time. He is the one we don’t like, supposed to be in league with Koll Neveshtan, but he did seem to appreciate our compliments. I felt a need to pay my own tribute after that speech. But that wasn’t a good time and I don’t know what shape it should have, though it will probably involve spending money.

After the ceremony Khora and Aidan received a ship and cargo as a wedding gift from Attima. Back at the palace Khora offered to teach me the basic of dancing like they had shown me. Khora showed me with her mind as well as her hands and that helped me internalise things a lot. Hediyeh showed me how to dance in a less proper, more seductive style. It seems that the more you wear, the more improper it becomes. That may be because you take it off while dancing. All the dancing was hard work, physical work and since we returned to Valdyas I have not done much of that.

So to rest and prevent stiffness, we went to Kamari’s. And there I heard, privately, of Khora’s plan to get pregnant before Aidan is off to war. Since she asked and I know Imri has her practice practically in the same building we went there to consult her. Imri talked any ideas of doing something drastic, with or without dandar, out of her head, but she did show her something about using semsin to see when she is ready or even to make herself ready. When doctors talk among themselves it’s hard to follow sometimes.

We also went to see Khastana again and I later heard that she is no longer dandar after what we did to her. She was in a sad mood too, so Khora gave her something for that. It’s a sad thing to see her, but she is alive and I don’t have to banish her, so she’s much better off than Koll Abatté. I decided to have Parandé brought back, maybe they can do each other some good and they need to be dealt with. I only got to it the next morning, though.

Things to do

  1. Get in better shape
  2. Tribute to Mizran, but what?
  3. Hediyeh + Selmet
  4. Share medallions
  5. Dance for Athal with present
  6. Handle dandar: stop being dandar and report any ones they know/discover, or be deported
  7. Get update on postal service
  8. See Lyan