Moyri has her Uznur back!

And Raisse her Athal, but that’s not what she is squeeing about.

Ysellei Moyri astin Rhydin, Feast of Mizran

To her Father and Mother

Dearest Father and Mother,

Uznur and Athal are back! Just in time for the feast of Mizran, they arrived in Valdis. We were forewarned, of course, so we could prepare a big welcome. I had such a good idea, Raisse really loved me for it: when the clerks were copying the proclamation about the King’s Return, I let them write, really big letters, on big sheets of paper, “Moyri loves Uznur”, to hang from the town wall. Raisse loved the idea, and we opened the chancellery, and everyone who had someone returning with the army, hundreds of people, had their banner, and they were all hung from the town wall, for the army to see.

Then they arrived! Instead of showing proper royal restraint, Raisse and I went outside, through the town gates. Athal had prepared the regiments that had returned with him — not the whole army, there are still many in Solay — and put them in proper marching order, with him and Uznur (squee!) on horses under a canopy.

With the children, Raisse and I went to them, and Uznur lifted me in the saddle of his horse, with his bad arm!, and kissed me. And then he had to come down to kiss the children, and put Bahar on his horse, and we walked home. The army itself had disintegrated by then — everyone was following the lead of Athal and Raisse, who had done exactly the same thing me and Uznur had done. That evening there would be a great feast at the Palace Square, of course, with the King speaking.

But first we had our own little celebration in the little square behind our house, where I introduced my new friends to Uznur. He was a little surprised, but soon enjoyed himself, especially when he saw Serla and Halla play. Though he did frown when he learned I had been cooking in the local inn, but not too much.

Uznur and Athal’s return have made me quite forget about the Albetirean plot to kill Raisse and everyone in the palace — poison — but, well, that came to nothing, so it doesn’t matter much, in the end. It was some stupid thing thought up in Albetire, with the collusion of two Iss-Peranian merchants here in town. The bad part being that they have managed to get a couple of Valdyan kids who served in the Palace behind them. Those kids now face the gallows, unless Raisse pardons them.

Your loving daughter,