Raisse writes to Cora

A very sisterly letter.

Valdis, third week of Timoine

Dear sister,

I am so glad to hear that Aidan is back safe and relatively well. I would love to talk to him when he has the time and you can spare him, for it will be a while yet before Athal will return. I think the drawing is lovely, though it’s hard to do you justice. I will convey all the greetings to Moyri and I gather that everyone is doing well and that makes me happy.

It is wonderful to hear that all your plotting and scheming worked and the children got to celebrate Timoine’s day together. I’m sure that sweets and fireworks are quite tempting to Valdyan children and freedom and a procession together are just as tempting to other kids.

And your comparison is apt in my eyes. As ladies it’s only natural for us to compare a town or even a country to a household sometimes, although it is a lot more to take care of. More than one person can do. Just imagine having a thousand times a thousand children! Thats why I was so proud when here the children from the temple of Dayati came to me and asked me for the same things. I gave them my blessing, but since this is an affair of the children they had to organize it and they did. I wrote a proclamation for it and little Vurian signed it as well as I. It was so cute. His first official act. I even joined in for a while and brought a lot of sweet food along but I could not keep up for long. My belly was too heavy and my ankles too thick. I am sure you know exactly what I mean.

And now as I write this little Alyse is born and healthy. But you probably already know about Alyse. Messengers have gone out.

I will try and give you advice for that is what big sisters do, but some questions have no easy answers. It is quite understandable that the Síthi should hate the Khas, but it is also wrong. The Khas here in Valdyas are, as you already said, under the shield of the King and that should be enough. They are also not soldiers. I know from personal experience that some Khas are very nice and indeed one of my chief maids is Khas. There are also some Khas who, when I think of them, chill me to the bone. There are good Khas and there are bad Khas. Just like there are good and bad Síthi and Iss-Peranians, or Valdyans for that matter. Even in one person there is usually both good and bad. But if you have to give them a reason I think it’s this: When they came here fleeing from the Khas opression we gave them a, mostly, fair chance for that is how we do things here and now the Khas deserve the same.

I told Shab Hafte about Jilan and Dimani and Serla and I am sure he will want to visit.