Raisse’s answer to Rava

To this letter. More diplomatic than bossy Rava deserved, I think. But then Raisse is a real queen.

Valdis, sixth week of Anshen

Dear Mother,

It is good to hear from you. I hope you and Father are taking it easy. One day I shall have time to visit Turenay again. We had worrisome hints of Torin’s condition, but it is good to have more details. I don’t know whether to be happy that he’s alive or sad that he is so gravely injured. I do know that I hate war.

Of course Torin is more than welcome here. There were a few times when he was still in Idanyas that I would have liked to hear his opinion on things and as far as I know he still has a job here. I will include a personal invitation for both of them, but no promises on staff general until Athal gets back and no summons. They can come when they are ready.

This Hinla Hayan sounds great and I would like to meet her personally and I’m sure we can figure out something to keep her occupied. Though I will have to ask her about this dandar who kept Torin alive and I’m not looking forward to that.

I understand how you feel, but I do not know where Aine is either. All I can tell you is that she is not here and when I see her I’ll tell her to let you know where she hangs out. I suspect that she is doing a lot of moving around. And, although many of your children are to engrossed in what they are doing to write often, I am sure they all think of you.

Here in Valdis there is nothing going really wrong at the moment. I do feel a bit lonely, but Moyri is here so things aren’t so bad and Athal will return before too long. Meanwhile there is enough to keep me busy. Quacks, dandar and not enough city guard. Me, Alyse, Vurian, Radan, Hinla and Rovan are all well.

Please pass my love on to all the family and Cora and Aidan.